About Us

Tuhan Architecture

Tuhan Architecture is your solution partner that creates 3-D projects prepared by its professional design team, which reflect your corporate identity best and are delivered exactly as presented by the promised time, producing and handling all the stages in that process. It provides you with various solutions regarding exhibition stands, fair booths, congresses, exhibitions, international organizations, nationally-participated fairs, stores, decoration of showrooms and other activities that you need help with, all of which we call exhibitive architecture.

It renders these services attentively in all their stages with its professional team both at home and abroad. Our sole goal is maintaining and advancing our customer satisfaction-oriented works without compromising our principle of high quality. Our team takes on everything, from the idea and concept development to its execution. The client is the soul of our projects.

The Stages of our Service

Listening to you

A successful project can be achieved only when your job is understood properly. First, we listen to you and understand you.


We know that a good project can be realized by empathizing with you as well as understanding you, that’s why we analyze your requests.


We blend your corporate identity and requests with our creative ideas and prepare 3-D presentations accordingly.


We construct the designed project with the most appropriate materials and our professional staff on time.